Dan Fante x 1.000 caratteri Brown Bunny Magazine

by Dan Fante 

Many young writers send me e-mails complaining about the ‘torment’ of being a writer. Apparently, a writer has to be alone and poor and in some high degree of emotional pain to create. Apparently alcohol is also a great stimulus for creativity. This is all crap. A fantasy gobbled up by would-be authors who ‘dress’ like writers, talk like writers, but watch too much TV. My advise to writers who want to become authors is to WRITE. If you own a dog you feed it every day. You brush your teeth every day, right? So if you want to be a writer then you should write every day. When this happens an amazing transformation occurs: You collect words on a page. Then the pages pile up and eventually you have a book. But here’s the real secret: The more you write the better at it you become. What you have written begins to speak to you and tell you what to say. Then your only job is to listen to what the story wants to say. So good luck. It’s called being a writer.  

Dan Fante is the author of the novels 86’d, Chump Change, and Mooch; the short story collection, Short Dog; two books of poetry; and the plays The Boiler Room and Don Giovanni. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he lives in Arizona with his wife and son. Fante is the son of acclaimed novelist John Fante. http://www.danfante.net/
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