Poesia: Kristin Dimitrova

photo: Mira Dimova

9:55, 5 Minutes before the Beginning  

The executioner took off his mask.
The prisoner took off his hood.
They had identical faces.
Then one told the other:
“This is strange but it does
not change a thing.
It’s not even important.
The problem now
is how to kill
the eternal five minutes.”

The Colonel’s Widow 

Minka, Colonel Gruyev’s widow
yesterday tells me
He, my new comrade in life 

is very much into hygiene. Twice a week
we take a bath together and then
I throw the towels out to dry  

in the sunshine
I say: Minka dear
don’t strain yourselves too hard

Slow down

The Wedding of Life, Sleep and Death 
‘Life is a dream’

If sleep is a brother of death,
then death, thus related,
becomes a cousin of life.
I fall asleep and offer space
for the cousins to meet.
I love family gatherings.
The musicians play wildly and
the wine stains don’t stand out.
One day we all wake up in our beds
and feel ashamed we’ve done it
with each other.

An Old Mesopotamian Legend about Gilgamesh,
King of Uruk, Who Wanted to Become Immortal  

Wanted to;
could not.

Kristin Dimitrova (born: May 1963 in Sofia) is a Bulgarian poet and writer. She is the author of ten books of poetry, among which A Visit to the Clockmaker (2005), Southword Editions, Ireland, and My Life in Squares (2010), Smokestack Books, UK. Her fiction works include the novel Sabazius (2007) and two collections of short stories: Love and Death under the Crooked Pear Trees (2004) and The Secret Way of the Ink (2010). Kristin Dimitrova is a five-times winner of different national poetry-of-the-year prizes, among which the Association of Bulgarian Writers Award. Her prose works earned her the Hristo G. Danov Award for fiction, as well as nominations for Canetti and Helicon Prizes. Kristin Dimitrova’s work has been published in 24 countries and
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