1.000 caratteri: Alexander Shpatov

                                                         Extinct by Alexander Shpatov

A “Single” relationship status, followed by megabytes of consolation from all his friends.

“Don’t worry, guys,” he wrote. “I’ll be just fine.” And judging by the links he was posting it actually seemed he were

At least for the next couple of days.

A week later, however, his mood obviously changed, exhibiting a pretty frustrating trend. He didn’t pick up his phone, nor answer any messages or Skype calls. He didn’t show up at work. He was only posting links, each one more disturbing than the previous. “I know it must be hard for you,” a friend posted on his FB wall, “but it’s not the end of the world.” This time he commented back – with explicit clarity

“Are you OK?” she had been following it all (they did remain friends, at least on Facebook).

And even though he wants to tell her so many things, he just posts the link he had been clicking on obsessively ever since they split up.

“12,” he adds and once and for all goes offline – back to the photos he would never delete.

Alexander Shpatov was born in 1985 in Sofia and is author of the following short-story collections: *Footnotes (2005), awarded in Bulgaria as the best fiction debut of the year;
** Footnote Stories (2008), short-listed for the Helikon Book of the Year Award. The collection was just published in German under the title Fussnotengeschichten (2010)
*** Calendar of Stories (to be published in 2011)
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