Phoebe Giannisi


Prize or Patroclus I 

respect and honor are what humans desire most of all
for what they are and what they deserve
I deserve honor and I will not beg for it
said achilles to agamemnon when he took away his prize
his gift of honor
and to odysseus he also said
he may have power but I am
the best of the achaeans
don’t let him think I’ll bow my head
and that’s what achilles said the first
the only time the king
took his honor away
and death
so heavy
was the toll
I have already endured several insults
public honor
for a mistress is not appropriate
you said I’m doing you a favor
listen now
a whole afternoon
I was waiting for you
and I patroclus
am speaking to you now and saying
you are merciless Thetis cannot be your mother
the sea and the rocks
gave birth to you
so come eat a cuttlefish
at our table
but afterwards I want you to fuck me
the way I deserve it

from Homerica, Kedros: Athens 2009
(translation: Joseph Mosconi, Richard Pierce)
Phoebe Giannisi, poet, architect. Born in Athens (1964). She had studied architecture, NTUA (1988) and she has a PhD in « Langues, Histoire et Civilisations des Mondes Anciens », University of Lyon II- Lumière (1994). She is currently assistant professor at the School of Architecture of the University of Thessaly in Volos, Greece. She had published four poetry books(Sea urchins: Athens, 1995, Ramazan: Athens, 1997, Loops: Nefeli, 2005 and Homerica: Kedros, 2009). Other books: Classical Greek Architecture, (co-author Α.Tzonis): Flammarion, 2004, Récits des Voies. Chant et Cheminement en Grèce archaïque :Jérôme Millon Grenoble, 2006).


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