Yannis Stigas

I am impatient
for the Antarctic to become
an epidemic of sight.
For the underground bread to be shared at last
according to each one’s faith in the miracle.

Miracle, to be able to laugh
while holding your boredom,
a black swan,
in your arms.

Miracle, simply to laugh.

One poem from the poetry book: The Vagabondage of blood, editions.Gavrilidis, 2004
translated by Karen Emmerich
Yannis Stigas was born in Athens in 1977. He studied medicine. He has published four poetry books: The Vagrancy of blood, 2004 Gavrilidis ed., Vision will start again, 2006 Kedros ed., An Even Wound, 2009 Kedros ed., Onwards to the booth, 2012 Mikri Arktos ed. His poems appear in poetry magazines, have been included in anthologies and have been translated in German, French, Spanish, English, Serbian and Bulgarian.
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